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M. Annenberg: What Don’t We Know and Why Don’t We Know It?

By February 27, 2022March 6th, 2022No Comments

As a painter, installation artist, curator and climate activist, M. Annenberg investigates the black holes of American journalism. Has the two minute sound bite failed the American people?

As we bear witness to the slippage of journalism in our time, the problem of the omission of news, especially the sparse reporting of climate studies, is less well understood as a strategy, that prevents civic engagement.

In this talk, I will trace the decline of news coverage in the American mainstream press from the 1990’s to the present. Are our oceans acidifying? Are the glaciers melting? Will we breach 1.5 degrees of warming this decade? Is there a climate emergency? If so, why don’t we all know it, beyond a reasonable doubt?

M. Annenberg is a Conceptual artist. Her paintings, sculptures, installations and videos focus on under-reported stories in American media, concentrating on scientific studies and global warming.

When she was represented by Flomenhaft Gallery, she organized a panel there with Dr. Gavin Schmidt, Director of NASA, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, entitled, Art, Activism and Global Warming. She co-curated an exhibit with Eleanor Flomenhaft, entitled EARTH SOS, at Flomenhaft Gallery, Dr. James Hansen former Director, NASA, GISS, was guest speaker.

Princeton University’s Bernstein Gallery hosted a lecture that Annenberg gave in conjunction with her one artist exhibit, News/ Not News. She has been a guest panelist at the Bruce High Quality Foundation University, Artists Talk on Art, NYC, Soho House and the UN Program of the Women’s Caucus for Art.

Annenberg’s paintings are in the permanent collections of museums in Lithuania, Israel, England and the USA. The BBC included her artwork in the documentary, The Private Life of a Masterpiece:” The Third of May”. She was named by Origin Magazine as one of America’s Top 100 Creatives in 2015.

Annenberg’s recent artwork deconstructs the reporting of five major climate studies –The Emissions Gap Report, 2019, The National Climate Assessment, the Paris Climate Treaty, the UN’s 5th IPCC Report and the Hindu Kush Himalayan Assessment.

She recently curated an exhibit entitled, “Earth on the Edge”, December 14-24, 2021, at Ceres Gallery, NYC. Dr. Klaus Jacobs, Geophysicist, Earth Institute, spoke on sea level rise on December 18, 2021 at the gallery.

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