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Vince Brancato: My Own Book Fund Helps Kids Learn to Love Reading

By November 26, 2022No Comments

My Own Book, a non-profit co-managed by the New York Society for Ethical Culture’s Social Service Board, brings 3rd graders from underserved NYC schools to bookstores and lets them pick out $60 worth of books to start their own home library. With books that they chose themselves close at hand, children pick them up and read them repeatedly, and in the process become better readers.

MOBF volunteers visit their assigned school to explain the program to both staff and students, then accompanies the children on their shopping trips, helping them pick out books that are just right for them. Lastly, they do a follow-up visit to the school 2-4 weeks later to hear all about what the students have been reading.

MOBF President Vince Brancato will explain the origin and goals of the program – it’s structure and methodology – and the opportunities and needs within the program.

About Vince

MOBF President Vincent Brancato is retired from an industrial career, mostly in the steel industry. He is married with two children and five grandchildren – born in Brooklyn and lived most of his life in NYC – currently in Manhattan. He has been active in environmental issues (especially Climate Reality Project) and service organizations (Rotary International and Lions club) and various projects here at the New York Society for Ethical Culture, such as our homeless womens’ shelter. He has also served on the board of NYSEC and the Social Service Board.

Presider: Leader Dr. Richard Koral

Monthly Collection: My Own Book Fund

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