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AIDS WALK Gratitude & Honoring

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GRATITUDE to ETHICAL MEMBERS for contributing to the AIDS WALK NYC 2021!!! Our Ethical contributors, listed here, were thanked publicly the the YEE members at the June 6th, 1:30 zoom event: ETHICAL’S “FIRST SUNDAYS” Series.  What a special gathering it was!

YEE had a wonderful thank you session to you and our other funders.  All the children thanked each donor out loud in a zoom ritual.  YEE also sang happy birthday to Dr. Fauci, so instrumental in today’s pandemic,  and learned about his fascinating role in the AIDS crisis as well. YEE children were especially impressed in learning about  the way Fauci responded to the aggressions of ACT UP activists with compassionate response and organizational action, instead of “taking personal offense”  — even when they made an effigy of him! In fact, he became close friends with many AIDS activists and learned a lot from them, for his responsive work.

YEE discussed the way pandemics arouse fears and blames…. and ultimately can augment prejudices — and how crucial it is to stand up against this. The YEE participants who came out to walk “our AIDS WALK” with us reflected deeply on this pandemic, learning about the pandemic that happened when their parents were their age. 

Here is the flyer from this recent event and a picture of the AIDS WALKERS. 




AIDS WALK participants at AIDS MEMORIAL PARK: Jesus, Marifer, Olina, Sidd, Ken

Our AIDS WALK this year was enacted as a field trip to the AIDS MEMORIAL PARK and then up the HIGHLINE.

Ethical NYC contributed almost $500 to the currently $1,623,834.00 raised in total this year!

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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