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Befriend a Tree: a Wonder-f\’ALL Project

By October 12, 2023November 2nd, 2023No Comments

Dear Community,

Join this simple tree project inspired by Dr. Wangari Maathai (1940-2011). Nobel Peace Laureate 2004

Environmentalist, Tree-hero.  Founder of The Greenbelt Movement 

Enjoy these sources of learning more about her: story.


Each of us is an “I”

A Human life in co-relational, reciprocal flow with Tree life. 

through every breath we take

every inhale & every exhale, Tree is integral to my “I” — my self.

we are partners on earth. 
humans and trees. 
breathing one another’s gifts.
how do we learn from 
a tree friend?



Grow your Eco-Voice!

The seedling of your ECO-VOICE lives in you … It can grow through movement,  song,  writing,  drawing, dancing! 

    Your ECO-VOICE can be imaginative, scientific, mathematical, poetic, emotional, artistic. 

    Your ECO-VOICE can be joyful, serene, angry, sad, wondrous…. yet it comes from a place of sincere connection between you and the Earth-home you share with all other life presently knowable.  

    Your ECO-VOICE is a call to fellow humans to connect in a new way with the earth, through connecting creatively with one another. 

    Your ECO-VOICE  a way of stepping closer to your own connection to nature, your own commitment to climate justice, and your own expression of a deep and essential humanity.

This is a call to all ages of human beings  to develop their ECO=VOICE.  Your tree-friend will help you!