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Inspired by Dr. King’s Birth-weekend, we may envision THE ETHICAL FUTURE.  Indeed, this is what Dr. King did in his time, to inspire us forward.  So here is a HOME-PROCESS GUIDE for creative “King” Work… and an invitation to share what you create. 


We celebrate Dr. King’s Birth on Earth: KING DAY. His gift. His impact. His urging. THE DREAM.  We mourn his life cut short. We work to AWAKEN THE DREAM as we all work together toward greater realization of equity and fairness among human beings on Earth.

Five Home-Tips for Honoring KING DAY:

           Listen & Read * Reflect * Create * Dream * Help

  • 1.  To listen to King’s speeches, you may enjoy the Young Ethical Explorers reading his DREAM speech on Ethical NYC’s historic stage, on January 16, 2022. You will find it video recorded on our website library of Sunday Morning platforms.

  • 2.  Reflect on your life and times, so many years later.   How do some of our current calls for justice, like “BLACK LIVES MATTER” and “GENDER EQUALITY” feel in you, as you reflect on the long struggle for equality?

  • 3.  King wrote poetically by using LITANY.  This repetitive style revs our inner motors.  Gets us GOING!  
  • You may now drive his litanies forth to the present by constructing new verses of your own by using the four templates provided here. If they appear too small here, you may scroll down to the end of the post, where they are offered in full size. 
  • Share your litanies with the YEE community, by sending them to us…  YEE would love to share community responses at our upcoming FIRST SUNDAYS event…. And you are invited virtually or in person…. See this invitation:

  • 4.  Sleep on it. Pay attention to your quiet thoughts. Keep yourself rested to empower your work of learning and helping in this world – or as Dr. King said, “of being a drum major for justice.” 

  • 5.  Help someone in every opportunity you have to do so. Look for the needs you might be able to offer your help toward. Team up.  Create ethical action. You may even wish to connect with  The Ethical Action Committee, here at Ethical NYC.

Finally, YEE invites you all to develop the HIGH 5 “for our times” – 

As a personal mantra, each finger can hold one word:  

for example,  the 5 word name of Dr. King: 

And then with a bop of the open palm, send good King wishes of justice and peace, with no touching, to honor safety protocals of covid times. It’s just like a percussive wave of justice for the ethical future!


Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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