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Happy Earth Day! GROW DEED!

By April 21, 2021No Comments

ETHICAL EARTHLINGS, one and all unite!!!!

       Earth Day
          Earth Week,
             Earth Month,
                    Earth Season.
Earth Time…..

                   Earth Time is ALL the time.
Spring speaks so vividly, through flowers and breeze, to inspire our Earthly passions.  It’s a great time to dive your hands into the soil, and to indulge in some direct Earth Care. Plant! Observe the exquisite changes in nature. Awaken your Earth Awe!
THIS YEAR Earth Day takes place in the context of the persisting Covid-19 pandemic, and coincides with the long awaited verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial. We must take this holy-day, EARTH DAY, to reaffirm WHAT MATTERS!
The intersectional nature of the climate crisis, the pandemic, the violence against black lives demands deep contemplation, and committed deed on every front.
This is the day to take stock on your own ACTIVISM ON EARTH and invigorate it, affirm it … GROW it!  Take a new step…. Or three!  As Greta Thunberg says in her Earth Day address on,
“No-thing is TOO small.” — but NOTHING…. is definitely too small.
One thing we have learned from harms done is that what we STOP DOING can be as significant, in DEED, as what we START DOING.
In the name of DEED, giving to EARTH:  What are you stopping? What are you starting?
                  Take personal stock, asking yourself where you are with these green daily issues?
                            meat eating / milk drinking
                            carrying your own reusables (bags, water bottles, forks)
                            shopping responsibly
                            reusing more
                            wasting less
                            civically engaging
                            giving and gratitude practices
                            LEARN MORE… every day.
                                 GROW ACTIVISM!
                                      GROW DEED!
                                           And IN DEED, GROW!
This weekend Upper West Siders may enjoy a street festival of eco-performers!   Choreographer Jody Sperling of Time Lapse Dance is embodying Plastic Bags to take the point home!
Young Ethical Explorers are engaging in creative meditations — embroidering earth-visions. YEE welcomes all ages to enjoy the endeavor and to share visions they create.  We’ll share our growing Earth-visions with everyone on an intergenerational zoom that ALL members of ETHICAL and your friends are invited to:
        FIRST SUNDAY EVENT of May 2, at 1:30.   In this gathering, called NURTURING HUMANITY, we celebrate the seeds of being, so — bring a baby picture! —  and create a poem, song, or thought to share about “what brings you laughter, and what brings you tears.”
Audrey Kindred

Audrey Kindred leads programming for youth and families at Ethical NYC

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