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March 1: Celebrate Equality at Young Ethical Explorers’ “Hi-Story” Social Justice Festival

By February 12, 2020February 28th, 2020No Comments

Come one, come all! Songs, Crafts, Speeches, and our own Peace March celebrate real-life helpers and deeds that have contributed to balance, equality, and fairness in our world.

This festival commemorates Claudette Colvin Day. On March 3, 1955, Claudette, a 15-year-old African American girl, emboldened by the lessons of black history, was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Claudette says, “I felt like Sojourner Truth was pushing down on one shoulder and Harriet Tubman on the other.”

Claudette was asked by Rosa Parks, leader of the NAACP youth group, to present her story to other young people to inspire them toward activism. In December of that year, Rosa Parks herself refused to stand up on that same Montgomery bus line and for that is credited with spawning the Civil Rights Movement.

While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was called in to lead the bus boycott that ensued, young lawyer Fred Gray brought the issue of segregation on Montgomery’s buses to the Supreme Court with the testimonies of four African American women. The home-run hitter of the case, Browder vs. Gayle, at the Supreme Court was Claudette Colvin, leading to the victory, in November of 1956, of racial integration on public transportation in Alabama.

This month’s theme: Mindful March. We will delve into the healing lemniscate linking earth and self.

For the latest details, visit this event on our calendar.

Young Ethical Explorers is our Humanist Sunday school, designed for youngsters from ages 4 to 13, and takes place concurrent with our Sunday Platform meetings. Sessions raise issues of personal identity and integrity, appreciation and respect for others, and knowledge of religions, philosophies, and social concerns. Topics are explored in an age-appropriate way through discussion, storytelling, dramatization, music, art, games, and field trips.

RSVP is essential to guarantee your place and for planning purposes. If you are enrolled for the season or are members of Ethical NYC your spot is guaranteed. To RSVP as a guest, become a member, or enroll in season, please contact Audrey at Newcomers and visitors are always welcome!

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